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Bison Bridge Foundation

A man known for cleaning up rivers in America has just announced his latest "big idea." Chad Pregracke wants to save the current I-80 Bridge if it's replaced, and turn it into Bison Bridge.

Pregracke says it all started about 25 years ago when he hired a plane to take him up over the bridge and interchange on the Illinois side, in Rapids City. Then five years go, a tornado tore through the interchange, breaking and blowing down trees. He and his group, Living Lands and Waters, have been trying to restore it ever since.

A number of factors will determine whether Chad Pregracke's Bison Bridge proposal becomes a reality.

The main one is the I-80 Mississippi River Bridge Planning Study.

Michelle O'Neill reports.

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The Interstate 80 bridge that connects the Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities is due to be replaced. Local environmental activists have talked with the Illinois Department of Transportation to turn the bridge into a National Park. 


Last year, the Illinois DOT began preliminary planning to build a new bridge between LeClaire, Iowa and Rapids City, Illinois. 

https://www.i80mississippibridge.com / Illinois DOT

This week, a crew will start washing the I-80 bridge over the Mississippi River between Leclaire and Rapids City. 

https://www.i80mississippibridge.com / Illinois DOT

The Illinois and Iowa departments of transportation are trying to decide whether to build a new I-80 bridge between LeClaire and Rapids City.

And Michelle O'Neill reports they want to know what you think.

2015 Bridge Work List

Apr 14, 2015
WVIK Staff

One bridge project is done, and one is now underway, but Quad Cities residents can look forward to more bridge work and traffic delays, at least through the summer. That was the report Tuesday to the transportation technical committee of the Bi-State Regional Commission.