Hanson Hall of Science

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This week, Augustana College celebrated the expansion of its Hanson Hall of Science on the campus in Rock Island. It's a four-story cylindrical addition built on the north side of the science building along 7th Avenue.

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This fall, Augustana College students and teachers are enjoying more space in the science building on campus in Rock Island.

This morning, college officials will hold a ceremony to celebrate the completion of an expansion of the Hanson Hall of Science. 

Wheelan Pressley

A longtime member of the administration at Augustana College has died. John Kindschuh was 92 years old, and passed away last Friday.

Augustana College Expanding Hanson Hall

May 10, 2018

In a couple of years, students at Augustana College will enjoy more space in the science building. This morning, college officials broke ground on an expansion of the Hanson Hall of Science. It will include classrooms, study areas, and offices.