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Most Republicans at Davenport West High School caucused for President Donald Trump on Monday night.

Several GOP precincts met in the cafeteria.

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Republicans in Rock Island County are concerned about election returns.

Michelle O'Neill has more.

Russell Christ

A retired executive from John Deere has taken on a major challenge. Republican Russell Christ announced Wednesday he's running for Rock Island County Clerk, and will face Democratic incumbent Karen Kinney next year.

Rock Island County GOP

Republicans in Rock Island County have a new leader. Thursday night, members of the central committee elected Mike Steffen to replace outgoing county chair Bill Bloom.

Screenshot from election coverage by The Des Moines Register / The Des Moines Register

Since the election, republican party leaders in the Midwest have been answering a lot of questions about why so many people voted for Donald Trump.

On today's WVIK News Focus, Michelle O'Neill talks with three GOP officials, starting with the chair of the Iowa Republican Party.

Part of a suggested credentials form for poll watchers in Illinois / Illinois State Board of Elections

Republicans in Rock Island County want to make sure the general election is fair and honest. So, members of the party are watching as voters cast their ballots.

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"The collapse of the separation of powers is one of our biggest challenges." That's what GOP presidential candidate, Rand Paul, told a small crowd at St. Ambrose University this morning, at a campaign stop in Davenport. Michelle O'Neill reports the Kentucky U.S. Senator blames both parties.

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Hundreds of people showed up for Carly Fiorina's campaign stop in the Quad Cities. This morning, the republican presidential candidate spoke to a crowd of 625 at another New Ideas Forum at St. Ambrose University in Davenport.  The former CEO of Hewlett-Packard says small businesses are being crushed by appointed officials who govern by regulation.In her first 100 days as president, Fiorina says she'd first roll back harmful executive orders signed by President Obama.

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If elected president, Mike Huckabee would push for a federal sales tax to replace taxes on income and productivity. That was part of the message from the former governor of Arkansas this morning at the Davenport Country Club. The Scott County GOP's Lincoln Club sponsored the breakfast campaign stop.