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Some flood victims still have sandbags, ruined drywall, and flood debris to get rid of. And thanks to donors and Habitat for Humanity, help is available to renters and homeowners for flood clean up. 

Davenport Ponders a Wall It Has Long Rejected

Jul 29, 2019
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Hundreds of communities line the Mississippi River on its 2,348-mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico, but Davenport, Iowa, stands out for the simple reason that people there can actually dip their toes in the river without scaling a flood wall, levee or other impediment.

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The head of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce is making it clear, Davenport businesses want the city to take quick action on long term flood protection.

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Technically, Davenport's temporary flood barrier failed because of a lack of friction, and the force of the Mississippi River overcame its weight. A new report says several other factors contributed to the breach on April 30th.

In May, the city asked the Corps of Engineers to investigate the cause of the failure. And the engineers have now presented their report to the Davenport City Council.

Michelle O'Neill reports.

Bucktown is Back

Jul 19, 2019
Bucktown Center for the Arts

Another casualty of the flood in downtown Davenport is finally able to welcome customers again. On Wednesday, the Bucktown Center for the Arts on East Second Street re-opened. 

City of Davenport

Davenport may spend nearly half a million dollars to restore just a part of its riverfront that was damaged by the long, long flood. Tuesday night, aldermen will discuss replacing the grass in LeClaire Park, between Modern Woodmen Park and the roller dam.

City of Davenport

On Midwest Week, the Great Flood of 2019 is over, so what did we learn ? And how might we deal with the next one ?

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The Mississippi River may be back within its banks. But FEMA is reminding Iowa residents they only have one week to register for to get federal help with flood recovery.

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Homeowners and horticulturalists may be worried about their trees after this year's long flood.

Michelle O'Neill reports.

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As the Mississippi River continues to drop, FEMA has a couple of reminders for flood victims and others.