Erin Murphy

On Midwest Week, about ten days later, we're still waiting for final results from the Iowa Caucuses.

Courting Iowa Democrats

Oct 11, 2019

On Midwest Week, as the Iowa Caucuses approach, which candidates are spending the most time in Iowa and what issues are they focusing on.

On Midwest Week, even though the presidential campaigns are well underway in Iowa, candidates in the important state races are just getting started.

state of Iowa

One month into this year's session, what has the Iowa legislature accomplished so far ?

State of Iowa

As the state's new fiscal year begins, Iowa's new governor faces some serious problems, including the budget.

state of Iowa

Collective bargaining, gun rights, and school funding are just a few of the issues debated by the Iowa legislature this year. And on Midwest Week, a look at what happened.  

state of Iowa

New rules for collective bargaining are now in effect for thousands of state workers in Iowa.

state of Iowa

Some new faces, and a new majority, will take over in Des Moines next week when the new legislative session gets underway.

Now that the dust has cleared, what was done, and not done, by the Iowa legislature during this year's session ?

On Midwest Week, Herb Trix talks with Erin Murphy, Lee Enterprises bureau chief in Des Moines - his work appears here in the Quad City Times. 

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