The Great Blue Heron

Nov 29, 2014

Two state agencies in Illinois have worked out a plan to improve water quality, and reduce the amount of pollution that flows into the Mississippi and other rivers. And they're accepting public comments through late January.

Community Gardens

Nov 22, 2014

Sarah Ritter / WVIK News

When the owner of South Park Mall spruced up the property, it also re-used concrete,  recycled steel, and changed hundreds of light bulbs. Last week, Macerich celebrated the renovation project in Moline, and won an award for sustainability.

The First Bridge

Nov 15, 2014

Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau

Why does the Mississippi River flow east to west through the Quad Cities, instead of north to south?

The Touristic Nature of the Quad Cities

Nov 8, 2014

The Touristic Nature of the Quad Cities

Black's Store

Nov 1, 2014

Black's Store

The State of Illinois plans to invest $5 million in park projects in Henry County. This week, it announced $2.5 million awards to the Geneseo and Colona park districts.

Wind & Water, Powering Colonial America

Oct 25, 2014

Wind and Water, Powering Colonial America