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Jul 28, 2018

Water Governance: A Bioregional Perspective

Jul 21, 2018

Connecting Lives and Livelihoods

Jul 14, 2018


On Midwest Week - sandbags, President Clinton, and Bon Jovi tickets - remembering the record-setting flood of 1993.

National Weather Service

The Mississippi River crested in the Quad Cities on Sunday, and has fallen slightly since then. The National Weather Service says the "high point" was 1 1/2 feet over flood stage, and it should drop to near flood stage by this weekend.

In Praise of Trails

Jul 2, 2018

Rock Island Parks and Recreation Department

A "naturalization project" is underway in Rock Island parks. The Parks and Recreation Department has stopped mowing some areas in its parks with a long-term goal of bringing back native plants and grasses, and eliminating invasives.

National Weather Service

The forecast for the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities has been revised - and will go higher than expected.

National Weather Service

As the Rock River begins to fall, the Mississippi River continues to rise.