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Holcomb Officially Launches 2020 Re-election Campaign

Jul 13, 2019

Gov. Eric Holcomb leaned heavily into basketball references as he launched his re-election bid Saturday at the Hoosier Gym, where the movie "Hoosiers" filmed.

New White House Press Secretary 'Likes A Challenge'

Jul 13, 2019

Years before she would become President Trump's third press secretary, Stephanie Grisham had a photo of the White House hanging on her office wall in Arizona, to remember where she wanted to go.

"She made no secret of the fact that she wanted to be the White House press secretary," said Hank Stephenson, the editor of the Yellow Sheet Report, a daily political tip sheet in Arizona. "She told reporters that. She told friends that."

It was her "dream job."

Across Indiana, demonstrators joined a nationwide candlelight vigil called Lights for Liberty. There were 10 cities in Indiana officially part of the simultaneous demonstration, though others hosted similar vigils at the same time.

Residents of South Florida expressed relief that President Trump's Labor Secretary Alex Acosta is resigning his post. The Friday announcement was seen as "a victory" by those still angered by Acosta's handling of a 2008 sex crimes case involving wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Acosta is a former federal prosecutor in South Florida. This week he had been under renewed and intense scrutiny stemming from the deal under which Epstein pleaded guilty to lesser sex crimes and served 13 months in county jail, with work release during the day.



Today on Stateside, we discuss how the Trump administration could still limit non-citizen participation in the 2020 Census, even after dropping its pursuit of a citizenship question. Plus, how the opioid crisis is putting a strain on the resources of county morgues.



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Todd Snider On Mountain Stage

Jul 12, 2019

Describing what makes songwriter Todd Snider so charming can be difficult, but this career-spanning seven-song set serves as a great introduction for the uninitiated. Likewise, longtime Snider converts will enjoy these fan favorites along with some of the hilarious between-song banter he's legendary for.

President Trump held a social media summit at the White House this week, giving a major platform to conservative activists, including some conspiracy theorists, who claim their ideas are censored by social media platforms.

Major social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter were not invited to Thursday's event. Trump said he will be holding another meeting with the major social media companies in the coming weeks.

With David Folkenflik

Acosta stepping down amid Epstein plea deal controversy. Trump’s census fight. The British Ambassador resigns. Pelosi scolds “the squad.” More tensions in the Strait of Hormuz. Immigration chief promises raids, soon. The roundtable weighs in on the week that was.