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After a brief respite, the presidential campaign returns to the Quad Cities this weekend. Two republicans are scheduled to visit - Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham.

WVIK Staff

After formally announcing he's running for president on Wednesday, Rick Santorum campaigned in the Quad Cities Thursday. The former US Senator from Pennsylvania held a town hall meeting at the Iowa Machine Shed in Davenport, promising to help the "working class." Santorum was the runner-up in the race for the Republican nomination four years ago, and he's decided to try again. He's focusing on economic growth and ensuring everyone who wants to work has a job.Santorum also wants to limit government because he thinks it's made America un-competitive.

WVIK Staff

If republicans are going to win the White House next year, they'll have to do something different. And after two losses in a row that includes picking a different kind of candidate for president.