You Are Welcome Here

Oct 1, 2018

At a time when the federal government is trying to restrict entry into the US, some colleges are working hard to attract more international students. Loras College in Dubuque is one of nearly 60 across the country to offer a scholarship program called "You Are Welcome Here."

Temperatures and precipitation were about normal in the Quad Cities and Dubuque last month. The National Weather Service says the average temperature in Moline was 75 degrees - about half a degree below normal - while Dubuque averaged 71 1/2 degrees - also about half a degree below normal. 

Federal Trade Commission

Be careful when you buy gas for your car. That's the warning from police in Dubuque after a second, suspected card skimmer was discovered at a gas station in the city.

Carnegie-Stout Public Library

Hoping to reach more people, but with a limited budget, the Carnegie-Stout Public Library in Dubuque has started using a bicycle library. Five days a week, a member of the staff pedals the mobile library to different locations in the city, so people can check out books and dvds.

National Weather Service

The Mississippi River crested in the Quad Cities on Sunday, and has fallen slightly since then. The National Weather Service says the "high point" was 1 1/2 feet over flood stage, and it should drop to near flood stage by this weekend.

Andy Abeyta / Quad-City Times

For this weekend's "Big Story" in the Quad-City Times, reporter Jennifer DeWitt gives a written companion to some pictures that Times photographers took along a 400-mile stretch of the Mississippi River—spanning the northeast corner of Iowa to the southeast—as part of a book the Times published last year, entitled The Great River: 400 Miles of the Mississippi.

Five Flags Center

Residents of Dubuque can help decide the future of the Five Flags Center. Last week, a consultant presented results of a study, and they'll be discussed in the coming weeks by the city council and at a public meeting.

River Forecasts Raised

May 4, 2018
National Weather Service

Forecasts for the Mississippi River have been revised upwards. 

National Weather Service

The Mississippi River is rising, from Dubuque down to the Quad Cities.