More Rain, More Flooding

Oct 8, 2018

More rain over the weekend means more flooding by rivers in this area. 

DeWitt Library

Construction could begin soon to expand the library in DeWitt. On Tuesday residents of the city overwhelmingly approved a bond referendum for 3.5 million dollars.

Iowa Secretary of State

Some eastern Iowa Democrats will meet Monday night to choose their candidate for the state senate. Senate District 49 includes all of Clinton County, plus parts of eastern and northeastern Scott County.

National Weather Service

The forecast for the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities has been revised - and will go higher than expected.

National Weather Service

As the Rock River begins to fall, the Mississippi River continues to rise.

Peters for Congress

A republican candidate for Congress will campaign in the Quad Cities and nearby cities this weekend. Christopher Peters from Coralville is challenging incumbent Second District democrat Dave Loebsack.

National Weather Service

Rivers in the Quad Cities area continue to rise, but more slowly than earlier this week.

National Weather Service

Flooding continues as several rivers in this area continue to rise, and they're not expected to reach their highest levels until at least Thursday. 

River Levels Rising

Feb 20, 2018
National Weather Service

As the rain continues, the rivers near the Quad Cities continue to rise.

State Help for Sterilite

Jan 20, 2017

The state of Iowa wants to help a Massachusetts-based company build a new plant in the Quad Cities. Friday the board of the Iowa Economic Development Authority approved assistance for Sterilite Corporation.