First Christian Church

"It's a little harder to preach when the pews are empty." That's according to Reverend Linda Hunsaker, from First Christian Church in Davenport, after moving her weekly worship service online because of the pandemic.

Classes on campus have been canceled at Saint Ambrose University in Davenport due to worries about COVID-19. Thursday the university announced it's switching to online classes only, through at least the end of the month (3/29).

Putnam Museum

  When women won the right to vote a hundred years ago, residents of the Quad Cities played a role. The new exhibit at the Putnam Museum in Davenport is called "Liberated Voices / Changed Lives: Quad Cities Women's Suffrage."  

Brady Johnson / WVIK News

Elementary school children are helping Davenport get the word out about this year's census. This afternoon, kindergartners through 2nd graders at All Saints Catholic School sang the Census Song (lyrics below).

Michelle O'Neill reports it's all in preparation for Census Day, on April 1st.

National Weather Service

Following last year's record flooding, and the potential for more this year, the city of Davenport may buy some extra insurance. Wednesday night the city council will consider buying additional policies for Union Station, the Freight House, and Modern Woodmen Park.

The effort to improve an old commercial and residential neighborhood in Davenport has set a record. Private investment in the Hilltop Campus Village has surpassed 100 million dollars, in just ten years, the fastest ever in the Main Street Iowa program.

Davenport hopes a successful program to reduce crime in Madison, Wisconsin, will do the same here. Wednesday it announced the beginning of the Good Neighbor Project - a joint project of the police department and city staff.


Two Democrats and one Republican turned out for a political forum in Davenport on Sunday. Sponsored by a social justice organization, Gamaliel of Illinois and Iowa, Bernie Sanders, John Delaney, and Joe Walsh were given time to make brief statements.


With one month to go before the Iowa Caucuses, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren spent the weekend in eastern Iowa, with stops in Manchester, Dubuque, Maquoketa, and Davenport.


Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer says the US economy may look strong, but it really isn't. And by pointing out its many weaknesses and inequities, Democrats can beat Donald Trump next year.