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Dickens' Son

Jan 6, 2021

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What follows is a tale of two cities: London, England, and Moline, Illinois. Each city has its own version of the tale. Only this last paragraph is the same: On a terrace in Moline's Riverside Cemetery, high in the bluffs above Moline, in Lot No. 1,235, under an epitaph that reads "take ye heed, watch and pray, for ye know not when the time is," lies Captain Francis Jeffrey Dickens, an officer in the Canadian Mounted Police and the third son of the English novelist, Charles Dickens.

Kira Fox and Brianna Haney discuss the truth about historically black colleges, writing, filmaking and finding the courage to pursue your dreams with former LGM writer, Jasmine McCaskill.


Jan 5, 2021

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One of the most enduring of American characters is the tinkerer, that small-time amateur inventor who turns bits of junk into strange but often workable machines that fly or kill mice or slice bread. Most remain unknown except to very patient spouses, but a few, like the Wright brothers, tinker their way into history.


Jan 4, 2021

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Between 1933 and 1939, the entire Upper Mississippi from St. Louis to St. Paul changed personalities, courtesy of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Until 1933, the Mississippi was a wild river, coming and going as it pleased, creating islands and washing them away, teasing steamboats. In that year a dam and two locks were completed between Davenport and Rock Island—a massive structure looking like it was fresh off a solidarity poster.

The Cities - Pgm #1106

Jan 2, 2021

The Easy Chair

Jan 1, 2021

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The City of Rock Island might well have become the chair capitol of the world, had it not been for an actress named Lilian Lewis.

Lincoln and Cartwright

Dec 31, 2020

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If the following story is not true, it should be. It involves two Illinois folk heroes, Abraham Lincoln and the traveling evangelist, Peter Cartwright. Most counties in Illinois have Lincoln and Cartwright stories. We Rock Islanders deserve ours. The story began as unsubstantiated rumor, but by the time Carl Sandburg wrote his biography of Lincoln, it had become fact.

City of Galesburg

A feasibility study is underway to help the city of Galesburg decide whether it should expand Lake Storey. Phase one looked at the possible cost, and phase two, if the city council approves, would ask local residents for comments and suggestions.

The Hanging

Dec 30, 2020

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Circuses and other entertainments seldom live up to their billing, but the five thousand spectators who streamed into the City of Rock Island on October 29th, 1845, to enjoy its first public hanging were more than satisfied, despite jangled nerves created by traffic jams of wagons on every road into town.

The Steadfast Dog

Dec 29, 2020

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If you passed through fourth grade any time before 1947, you, too, memorized Eugene Field's poem, "Little Boy Blue." That was where you learned about "the little toy dog" covered with dust, "but sturdy and staunch he stands" in the old armchair alongside the toy soldier red with rust, whose musket molds in his hands—faithful even in death.