News about the Quad Cities and surrounding region.

For the 5th year, residents of Dubuque are invited to help celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace. The Dubuque International Day of Peace Festival begins Friday and lasts for a week.One of the planners of the festival, Art Roche, says Sunday will be the 30th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace. The goal is to remind us that there are alternatives to war. 

Roche says the first Day of Peace in Dubuque had just one event, but since then it's grown to a variety of events and activities around the city, with many sponsors. 

WVIK Staff

The Sylvan Island Bridge leads to historic Sylvan Island, where residents and tourists bike, run, hike, and picnic. 

The bridge has been closed for the past year, blocking access to the island. 
In this segment, WVIK's Renata Sago speaks with Rodd Schick of the Moline Parks & Recreation Department about when the Sylvan Island Bridge will reopen.

Bridging the Gap

Sep 18, 2014

      For a few days, local homeless veterans will have a warm, dry place to stay. The 15th annual Bridging the Gap, Stand Down begins this afternoon at the Q.C.C.A. Expo Center in Rock Island. Veterans, whether homeless or not, will get food, clothing, medical services, and employment opportunities.      Director Mike Malmstrom says 57 agencies are participating in Stand Down 2014.

      It also includes haircuts and showers, plus help with disability claims and more. Homeless veterans are welcome to stay overnight.

Iowa Department of Transportation


Yellow lights are flashing in parts of Dubuque. This month, the city introduced a new left-turn traffic signal: a flashing yellow arrow. 

The signal has red, green, and yellow arrows. There's a steady yellow arrow and a flashing one. A flashing yellow arrow means drivers are allowed to turn left, but they must yield to oncoming traffic, but a steady yellow arrow means the light is about to turn red. 

Dave Ness, a city engineer, says the new signals will help prevent crashes because turning drivers will know who has the right of way.



Soldiers and civilians in the Quad Cities shared a moment of silence today to honor Americans who lost their lives on 9/11. The Rock Island Arsenal held a remembrance ceremony on the thirteenth anniversary of the attacks.

Attendees gathered around the Arsenal 9/11 Memorial, two small towers that symbolize the Twin Towers that were struck. They paid tribute to them through prayer and song.  Gerene Phillips-Harden and Evelyn Bamar, local residents, sang the National Anthem.

 Special mushrooms have begun to sprout in the Quad Cities. They're called "fairy rings," and they grow in grass, in groups of circles, during rainy seasons.  

Martha Smith, a horticulture educator at the University of Illinois Extension, says the circles are as small as a few inches, and as large as 45 feet in diameter. 

"The past couple years, we've had some pretty dry, hot fall, so they weren't popping. This year, with the weather we've had ideal conditions and it just means something below ground is decomposing and the mushrooms are popping up as the fruiting body."

Rock Island County Police Department


  A man suspected of fatally stabbing a woman in Davenport and injuring her husband on Monday has been captured and taken into custody at the Rock Island County Jail. 

Gary Fortune, 48, is accused of stabbing 61-year-old Betty Simmons and her 52-year-old husband, Jack, at their apartment in Davenport.  An arrest warrant was sent out for Fortune, who was found and arrested hours later at a bar in Reynolds, Illinois.  

Dozens of people from the Quad Cities, northwestern Illinois, eastern Iowa, and beyond want to be the next president of the Riverboat Development Authority. Last month, a five member executive search team was formed to find a replacement for current President Mary Ellen Chamberlin, who plans to retire at the end of the year. The RDA owns the license for the Rhythm City casino in Davneport and distributes a share of its revenue to non-profit and community organizations. RDA board member, Frank Clark, serves on the search team and says 62 people sent resumes by the deadline, which was Sunday.

SafePath Survivor Resources

Legal help for domestic violence survivors in the Quad Cities is now just a Skype call away. Today, SafePath Survivor Resources in Moline opened the first virtual domestic violence legal clinic in the area.

Supervisor, Wendy Navarro, says domestic violence isn't just emotional and physical; it can be financial, and survivors often don't have enough money to pay for attorneys. 

Illinois State Police


After five years, local law enforcement agencies have helped solve a drug conspiracy case involving three states. Today, the Illinois State Police announced it helped seize $12.5 million from a narcotics ring in Illinois, California, and New York. 

State Trooper, Jason Wilson, says the case began in 2009 when a trooper conducted a routine traffic stop along I-88 in Henry County, and found over 300 pounds of marijuana.  Five people were charged with transporting narcotics from California to New York for distribution.