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City of Rock Island

The former YMCA in downtown Rock Island is now a local landmark. The Rock Island Preservation Commission has approved the designation for the building at 5th Avenue and 20th Street, now owned by Dan Vinar Furniture.

The Battle of Bad Axe

21 hours ago

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For a nine-year-old cowboy—me in the 1940s—there was no badder bad guy than an Indian. Cap guns blazing, my buddies and I regularly put away dozens of Indians every summer evening, skillfully avoiding a massacre.

Goodbye Nala

Sep 23, 2020
Niabi Zoo

A long-time and popular resident of the Niabi Zoo has died. On Monday, a 17 year old female African Lion, Nala, was euthanized due to her advanced bone cancer. 

In addition to this year’s coronavirus pandemic, catastrophic unemployment, social isolation, and extreme weather, the nation has been convulsed for months over the Black Lives Matter movement and related protests. United Way Quad Cities has capitalized on this unique time to offer a 21-Day Equity Challenge.

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In July of 1863, Union troops arrived on this island to build a prison. By December, some 5,600 Confederates—many captured during the Battle of Lookout Mountain—had arrived here to face one of the worst winters on record in Rock Island. By March, 679 prisoners had died.

Writer's Block

Sep 22, 2020

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Like all humans who put words on paper, I suffer from bouts of Writer's Block. I think, how many Rock Island Lines can there be; what stories are left to tell? I've done them all.

The Cities - Pgm #1041 Rebroadcast

Sep 21, 2020

Hills and Hollows

Sep 21, 2020

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Henry County just south of Rock Island is a farm county of formerly rolling prairie, as if gentle ocean swells had solidified, crested now with corn and soybeans. In the shallow valleys between the swells, small streams feed stands of willow and cottonwood trees.

Marianna Bacallao, WVIK News

Genesis Health System's annual Flu-Free Quad Cities program is going look a little different this year. For some schools, that means added safety measures. For others, it means drive-thru flu shots. But the goal is the same: providing free seasonal flu vaccines to over 8,000 children.

Wendell Lund

Sep 18, 2020

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You may know that professors before they go out to colleges and universities to teach take an oath to never ever have a practical thought. Don't want to tarnish the image of the Ivory Tower.