News about the Quad Cities and surrounding region.

Monmouth College

Monmouth College and two churches have joined forces to offer a virtual church service to the community. It was available last Sunday, and will be again this Sunday (3/29) on the college's YouTube channel.

First Christian Church

"It's a little harder to preach when the pews are empty." That's according to Reverend Linda Hunsaker, from First Christian Church in Davenport, after moving her weekly worship service online because of the pandemic.

"A particularly big problem with girls today is that they are refusing to go after anything if everything isn’t perfect.” Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw and Jasmine Babers discuss facing your fears with the author of "If Courage Could Talk", Candace Doby. She is breaking down courage and building up girls.

Salvation Army Response

Mar 26, 2020

Despite the pandemic, the Salvation Army is continuing to provide as many services as possible in the Quad Cities. 

Love Thy Neighbor Support Group

Mar 24, 2020
Katie Young

Apparently, as a mother of nine who's home-schooled all of her children for 13 years, Katie Young of Coal Valley just wasn’t busy enough. COVID-19 gave her the idea for a new project.

Putnam Museum

  When women won the right to vote a hundred years ago, residents of the Quad Cities played a role. The new exhibit at the Putnam Museum in Davenport is called "Liberated Voices / Changed Lives: Quad Cities Women's Suffrage."  

Fashion Model, Yasmine Arrington, talks about her work with youth of incarcerated parents and what it takes to be a plus-sized model.


After a long study, the Diocese of Davenport has decided to close one of its parishes in Davenport. As of July 1st, St. Mary Parish will merge with St. Anthony Parish, downtown.

We All Count

Mar 4, 2020

Community leaders are going all out to make sure as many residents of the Quad Cities as possible are counted in this year's census. Organizing started a year ago, and the first questionnaires from the census are scheduled to go out in the mail next week.

Good Morning, this is your Wellness Wake Up Call with Kristin Bogdonas, nutrition and wellness educator for University of Illinois Extension, serving Rock Island, Henry, Mercer, and Stark Counties.

Raising kids, eating right, spending smart, living well—that’s the theme of a national Living Well Campaign that is being promoted by the Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, both at the national level and here in Illinois. The goal of the Living Well Campaign is to provide people with the education and information they need in order to “live well.”