Cheri Bustos

Watch US Rep. Cheri Bustos' video announcement about her decision not to run for reelection.

U.S. Illinois 17th District Representative Cheri Bustos announced on Friday that she will not seek a sixth term in Congress. The Democrat has represented her northwestern Illinois district, which includes the Quad Cities area, Peoria and Rockford, since 2013, the first woman to do so.  Her current term, her fifth, ends in January of 2023. 

In a release announcing her decision,  Bustos stated:

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For the first time since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout began, the Rock Island County Health Department had open slots at its vaccination clinic.


Today marks a week since the National Guard was deployed to vaccinate Rock Island residents six days a week. With nearly 900 doses being administered a day, the wait is over for most people eligible under Phase 1B. 


Cheri Bustos

"A wonderful day." That's how Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos describes Wednesday's inauguration in Washington.

The Democrat from Moline who represents the 17th District says it was a historic and celebratory occasion following a period she thinks future generations will look back on with dismay.

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Quad Cities Congresswoman Cheri Bustos blames the Senate Majority Leader for delays in passing bills to help the post office and provide COVID relief.

The U.S. representative from Moline says two weeks ago, the House passed a bill to require the post office to return to operating like it did at the beginning of the year.

She says the bill is sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk along with hundreds of others. 

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COVID-19 is changing the way candidates campaign for the fall election.

Michelle O'Neill reports Congresswoman Cheri Bustos hosted a Zoom meeting Thursday night to open her virtual campaign office.

The Trump administration is moving to end federal funding for the COVID-19 testing site in Peoria on June 30. / US Rep. Cheri Bustos office

Moline Congresswoman Cheri Bustos is promoting the Heroes Act after it passed in the House late last week. 

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People in Illinois' 17th Congressional District want to know when they'll receive payments from the COVID-19 relief package.

Herb Trix has more. / US Rep. Cheri Bustos Facebook page

US Representative Cheri Bustos says the relief package, passed by the House today, will help people and businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic. It's called, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.