Brandon Wright

Davenport wants to know how satisfied people are living in the city. This week, five-thousand residents will receive a survey asking about infrastructure, police and fire services, parks, and more. 

After years of planning and waiting, Davenport's Transload Terminal in the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center could open later this summer. Recently the city council approved leasing it to a company called Savage Davenport Railroad that would operate the short, rail connection to tracks owned by the Canadian Pacific.

Rising property values, and tax revenue, are key features of next year's budget for the city of Davenport. 

Wednesday night the city council will hold a public hearing, with final approval expected next week.


CitiBus riders in Davenport may have fewer stops and quicker travel times starting in July. Wednesday night, the city council will vote on an updated plan for route changes and staff cuts. City council first looked at the plan in December.

Davenport Finance Director Brandon Wright says the proposed new routes will make transferring easier, ultimately saving time for riders. 

This also means there will be fewer buses on the road, which would result in staff cuts. The number of full-time CitiBus employees would drop from 28 to 21 while part-time workers would stay at 18.


Davenport has changed the way it maintains a few fire department bank accounts, following an investigation by the Iowa auditor. The city asked for it to examination of the Clothing and Fire Safety House accounts, from 2009 through 2014.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is planning to move to a new office in the Quad Cities, and the City of Davenport is hoping to build it. Davenport wants to pay for the construction of a new building, so the National Weather Service will stay at the Davenport Airport. 

City of Davenport

Next year, residents of Davenport might have to change where they catch the bus. Last night, the city council approved route changes for CitiBus, which will start in July. 

Davenport Open Checkbook

Sep 16, 2014

Davenport's "checkbook" is now online and accessible to anyone. Finance Director, Brandon Wright, says this week, the city began using some new software that makes it possible to look up, and see details, of the hundreds of checks written by the city each week.

Wright says payroll information is also accessible - by job title or by the employee's name, and by regular pay versus overtime.