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Some students, staff, and alumni of Augustana College in Rock Island have had their social security numbers and dates of birth stolen, after one of the college's servers was hacked in February.

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Rock Island will embrace its gridiron glory days on Saturday, when the NFL Draft comes to town as part of a full day of free events at Augustana College's football stadium.

Benjamin Payne / WVIK

The NFL is returning to its unlikely roots later this month in Rock Island — a city whose entire population of roughly 38,000 could fit inside the average NFL stadium…and still have thousands of seats to spare.

A man who was once named one of America's Best Leaders will be the commencement speaker for Augustana College. Dr. Eboo Patel will address the college's 159th graduating class in May. 

The roughly 2,500 students of Augustana College in Rock Island returned to campus this week to begin their fall trimester. It's the first of Augustana's three academic terms, which each span ten weeks of class—considerably shorter than the 14 to 16 weeks typically spent in the standard semester followed by most colleges and universities twice a year.

Beginner’s Luck, a play written by Emmy Award-nominated Philip Jayson Lasker, will premiere Friday, Aug. 3, 2018, at the Brunner Theatre Center on the Augustana College campus.

A woman who lived approximately 10 miles south of the Quad Cities and worked at Augustana College in Rock Island was one of the 17 people killed in last week’s fatal boat accident in southwest Missouri.