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Rock Island High School Chosen to Test New Curriculum

Students and teachers at Rock Island High School will help create a new curriculum to help kids deal with the long-term impact of COVID-19. Funding will come from a five year, 3.8 million dollar grant from the US Department of Education.

Assistant Superintendent Kathy Ruggeberg says there's plenty of research already on younger children.

"So we believe with the implementation of this social and emotional learning curriculum our students will be more engaged in school, will attend school at higher rates, they will learn the strategies to decrease discipline concerns, and because of all three of those factors the overall academic performance will improve."

Doctor Ruggeberg says Rock Island High School was recommended for the study and the grant, because of its location and diverse student body, by a consultant who's worked with the district in the past.

Rock Island High School

"Come to schools that are outside of that which is the majority of the country to say these kids in these smaller areas need help too, it isn't just the studies done in the big metropolitan areas and then trying to say what worked there and how can it fit in these small cities. Start there."

In the first year, students will produce videos telling their stories, and then based on the results, the curriculum will be available for other districts nationwide.