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Federal Funds Will Help UT Make Up For "Lost Learning"

ut high school.PNG
United Township School District
UT in East Moline

With help from Washington, the United Township School District will try to recover from the pandemic.

The budget for the coming year, approved by the board of education on Monday night, includes six million dollars in federal relief funds.

District Comptroller Tracy DeClerck says the federal money is supposed to help make up for "lost learning" during the pandemic.

"There's going to be additional dollars available to pay our staff, primarily our teachers, to help our kids get back up to speed from an educational standpoint. We're in the middle of working on that right now, what all those dollars are going to be used for. We're doing a lot of online licenses for curriculum."

About half of the six million dollars will be spent on salaries, benefits, utilities, and other basic costs, while the other half will help the district upgrade its h-v-a-c systems to improve air quality in the school.