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Jennifer Anne Lewis lived in Rock Island, Illinois. She was murdered on September 17, 1990 — just days before her tenth birthday.
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Stanley Liggins has been twice convicted of murdering Jennifer Lewis. Both convictions were overturned, and he's scheduled to go before the court again in 2017.
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WVIK and journalist Scott Reeder team up to produce "Suspect Convictions," a podcast exploring the ongoing prosecution of Stanley Liggins. Liggins has been twice convicted for the 1990 murder of 9-year-old Jennifer Lewis. Both convictions have since been overturned, with Stanley Liggins set to go before the court for a third time in May 2017.

The information Scott and producers Lacy Scarmana and Alfredo Manteca have collected sheds light on the household Jennifer Lewis was living in, the life of Stanley Liggins, the political pressures and cultural environment surrounding the case, and reasons the two convictions have been overturned. 

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On this unexpected season finale of Suspect Convictions, we learn about some breaking news in the case, including a major disagreement between Stanley Liggins and his attorney.

'Suspect Convictions' Ep. 16: A Victim Speaks

May 1, 2017

A month before Jennifer Lewis was killed, Stanley Liggins was arrested for sexually abusing another nine-year-old girl.

This victim, now in her 30s, shares her story of what happened to her that day.

In this episode, we look at some of the broad issues that were raised by the case of Stanley Liggins v. the State of Iowa.

Stanley Liggins wants to fire his defense team. We discuss what that means for the upcoming trial.

Scott Reeder sits down with guests from other true crime podcasts to discuss some of the intricacies about the Stanley Liggins case, and dig into some angles that may not have been considered yet.

'Suspect Convictions' Ep. 12: Running on Fumes

Mar 21, 2017

For this episode, we go back to 1990 to explore Stanley Liggins' living situation at the time he was arrested for murdering Jennifer Lewis.

'Suspect Convictions' Ep. 11: Justice On The Move

Mar 7, 2017
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Pretrial motion hearings wrapped up two weeks ago for the Stanley Liggins case. 

In this episode, we talk about Judge Marlita Greve's ruling to approve the defense's motion for a change of venue.

Aphrodite Jones, author, reporter and TV host.

This week, we sat down with a panel of guests to talk about the Stanley Liggins case.

We hear from former Scott County Attorney Bill Davis and former defense attorney Mike Tobey, who tried the 1995 trial in Dubuque, Iowa. Scott Reeder and author Aphrodite Jones question the lawyers about various aspects of the case.

There are a lot of reasons why a verdict in the Stanley Liggins case is far from guaranteed in favor of either the prosecution or defense.

'Suspect Convictions' Ep. 8: The Media Glare

Feb 8, 2017
Lt. Don Schaeffer addresses the media on September 18, 1990, the day after Jennifer Lewis was murdered.
Todd Mizener / Dispatch and Rock Island Argus

What role does the media play in a high-profile case like the one against Stanley Liggins? That is the question this episode tackles.