Midwest Week

Fridays at 6:20 PM

A Friday feature at 6:20 PM, during All Things Considered,  that reviews the major stories with the reporters who covered them.

Kim Wins JD Classic

Jul 27, 2018

On Midwest Week, the John Deere Classic helps boost the career of another young player. 


On Midwest Week - sandbags, President Clinton, and Bon Jovi tickets - remembering the record-setting flood of 1993.

On Midwest Week, after a nine year absence, indoor football makes a successful return to the Quad Cities.

The (Burlington) Hawkeye

On Midwest Week, a settlement has been reached in a long-running fatal shooting case from southeast Iowa involving police, the victim's family, the state, and when police video should be released to the public.

Summer Theater Preview

Jun 8, 2018

On Midwest Week, once again there'll be a wide variety of theater choices this summer - large and small shows, musicals, mysteries, and premieres.

Pat Blank

Ten years ago, Iowa made national headlines when federal agents raided a packing plant in the far, northeast corner of the state. 


On Midwest Week, suicide in downstate Illinois and the important role that guns play.

State of Illinois

On Midwest Week, with just a couple weeks left in the spring session, what has the Illinois General Assembly accomplished so far.

Welcome to Des Moines

On Midwest Week, why the Iowa legislature went way beyond its expected adjournment date.

On Midwest Week, the newest members of the Quad City Sports Hall of Fame - from wrestling, basketball, and football.