Midwest Week

Fridays at 6:20 PM

A Friday feature at 6:20 PM, during All Things Considered,  that reviews the major stories with the reporters who covered them.

Black in the QCA

9 hours ago
Jessica Gallagher

On Midwest Week, in their own words African American residents of the Quad Cities describe what it's like to live here.

21 Day Equity Challenge

Oct 16, 2020
Quad Cities United Way

On Midwest Week, local residents are challenged to confront their attitudes about race, and change their behavior.

Iowa Campaign Update

Oct 9, 2020

On Midwest Week, a campaign update for Iowa - the fight over absentee ballot applications and the key race for the US Senate.

On Midwest Week, the Iowa State Board of Education decides to do something it's never done before - take control of a local school district.

state of Illinois

On Midwest Week, an investigation begins of the top Democratic Party leader in Illinois. 

On Midwest Week, a rocky start to the new school in Iowa thanks to COVID-19.

Simon Herrera

On Midwest Week, was the first NFL game really played in the Quad Cities ?

Eastern Illinois University

On Midwest Week, local police face a lawsuit over their encounter with a young African-American man last year. 

National Weather Service

On Midwest Week, as bad as the derecho was in the Quad Cities, the impact was many times worse in Cedar Rapids, where hundreds of people are still trying to recover. 

COVID and the Movies

Aug 7, 2020

On Midwest Week, what do movie reviewers do when the theaters are closed during a pandemic ?