Women for Trump Stops in the QC

Jan 17, 2020

in Davenport, Kayleigh McEnany, National Press Secretary for the Trump re-election campaign.
Credit WVIK News

With the caucuses only about two weeks away, the group Women for Trump held a brief bus tour across Iowa this week. It started in Sioux City Thursday and ended in the Quad Cities Friday afternoon.

In Davenport, the National Press Secretary for the Trump re-election campaign, Kayleigh McEnany, said it's crucial for women to be involved this year. 

"We've got to share the good news of the Trump presidency because there are a lot of us out there, there are a ton of us out there, more than you know."

And getting away from Washington reminds her that there's an important disconnect between there and the rest of the country.

"On any of the cable news networks, it's impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. And then I go out and talk to you guys - I was with some moms this morning who brought their babies out to an event, and they're not talking about impeachment - they're talking about health care, and affordable child care, and paid family leave - the issues the mainstream media will never cover."

McEnany says the president's opponents' goal is to drive him from office and overturn his victory in 2016. That's why she says they "concocted the Russia conspiracy theory" and the "Ukraine conspiracy theory." 

She says President Trump is changing lives, and that we're all better off now than we were when he was elected.