Will This Ever End ?!

May 31, 2019

The Mississippi River is expected to crest again in the Quad Cities on Saturday, and go higher than some recent forecasts. The National Weather Service says the river here is now at 6.2 feet over flood stage, and will rise to 6.6 feet over flood stage Saturday and Sunday and then begin to fall. 

Upstream, the river is cresting Friday in Dubuque, and expected to crest tomorrow in Fulton - at about 3 1/2 feet over flood stage at both locations.

In Muscatine, the Mississippi is 7.8 feet over flood stage, with the crest forecast for Sunday at 8.3 feet over.

The Rock River also continues to rise in the Quad Cities - Friday afternoon it measures 3.6 feet over flood stage with a crest expected on Saturday at 4 feet over. That would be the 4th highest level ever in Moline.