Updates for Arrowhead

Jul 12, 2017

Credit Arrowhead Youth and Family Services

Major changes are in the works for a 71-year old treatment program for at-risk young people. Arrowhead Ranch is preparing to begin renovating and remodeling its campus in Coal Valley, and next year will begin advertising nationally for new residents.

Chief Executive Officer Chester Lien says until now it's been able to survive, hosting local youth referred by judges and probation officers. But to continue the ranch needs to attract more residents. So he says the first step is to fix up their facilities, and then advertise. 

"We have some very strong pluses - we are an established facility and we have a long history of success with the youth we deal with, wherease a lot of the other residential facilities are newer and don't."

 Doctor Lien says Arrowhead now hosts about 20 young people with a full-time staff of 50. His goal is to expand to 40 to 50 residents, and possibly add up to ten new employees.

Plans for remodeling the campus are not yet complete but he estimates the cost will be "several million dollars." Work should begin in the fall and be completed by next summer.