Update on Moline I-74 Demolition Noise

Apr 10, 2019

An I-74 contractor has a few more bridges to demolish in Moline as part of this year's I-74 bridge construction. And some of the work will have to be done at night. 

Ryan Hippen, IL DOT Field Engineer (file)
Credit Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Ryan Hippen, Illinois DOT Field Engineer, says Kraemer North America is nearly done breaking up the deck of the 7th Avenue, Iowa-bound overpass.

The jackhammering should be done by the end of the week. And the removal of steel beams won't be nearly as loud.

Next, Hippen says Kraemer crews will begin tearing down the 19th Street bridge, during the day and when necessary, at night. Then, two more, smaller viaducts must be torn down but those won't take as long as the first two.

Some people who live near I-74 and 7th Avenue can't sleep because of the loud jackhammers.

Kraemer got a variance on Moline's noise ordinance to work late into the night to help stay on a tight schedule.

Hippen also says 7th Avenue under the I-74 overpass will be reduced to one lane to improve safety in the area.