Unite QC Fund Drive Monday

Apr 3, 2020

A community-wide fund drive will be held on Monday to help people and organizations affected by the pandemic. The 24-hour drive is called "Unite Quad Cities for COVID-19 Recovery" and the proceeds will go to the Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund. 

Anne Calder is Vice President of Development for the Quad Cities Community Foundation. 

"Last year this fund supported recovery from the devastating Mississippi River flooding. This year it is activated unfortunately for this pandemic."

Just in the past two weeks, the fund has distributed 350,000 dollars in grants, and another round is in the works.

 "People who need food assistance, health organizations that are working on evaluating people who need health care services, emergency housing, and seniors who maybe do not have access to food and other services right now."

Calder says the disaster recovery fund has raised a total of 650,000 dollars, but that's just a quarter of the requests, that so far add up to 2.5 million.

On Monday contributions can be made to unitequadcities.org, texted to a special number (41444), or as a check mailed to the Quad Cities Community Foundation.