'Talking Art' With Jonathan Burnett And Gaye Shannon Burnett

May 24, 2018

For the fourth year, Jonathan Burnett, Program Founder and Creative Director of the Urban Exposure Independent Film Project, and Gaye Shannon Burnett, President and Co-Founder of the Azubuike African American Council for the Arts, are holding a free 10-week program for aspiring young filmmakers in the Quad Cities.

Students in late high school or college, age 17 to 21, are encouraged to attend one of the meet-and-greet sessions on Friday, May 25 and Friday, June 1, at the Bucktown Center for the Arts, 225 E. 2nd Street, Suite 108, Davenport.

The 10-week program will highlight the fundamentals of filmmaking, including writing, directing, cinematography, and editing. At the conclusion of the program, the student-produced films will be premiered at the Figge Art Museum in August. A two-week Acting for Film workshop will also be held, as well as a one-day Production Crew Bootcamp. Community members can audition for acting roles.

You can listen here to Jonathan Burnett speak about the importance of film in his life, and the founding of his community based project.

For more information, contact the Urban Exposure Independent Film Project at (563) 594-2016, or by email at urbanexposurefilmmaker@gmail.com.