'Talking Art' with Hannah Holman about the Quad City Music Academy

Sep 11, 2020

The Quad City Music Academy is a new school for students pursuing their musical education in cello, violin, viola, or bass.  Private lessons are offered with a variety of accomplished professional musicians, and specialized courses and workshops are also available.  The Academy is the first of its kind in the Quad Cities.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fall 2020 semester will be held online.

One of the components of the newly formed Academy is El Sistema, which incorporates human values and social justice into music education.  Instruction is also offered in the Alexander technique, which encourages freedom of movement and correction of negative postural habits so important for musicians.

Listen to the conversation here with Hannah Holman, Executive & Artistic Director of the Quad City Music Academy, about the inspiration behind creating a specialized school for classical musicians in our community, the importance of having a transformative teacher in your life, and her hopes for the Academy as it begins its first semester of instruction.