'Talking Art' With Diane Campione & Danielle Mulholland

Dec 4, 2017

Quad City residents have consistently stated that aesthetics and having a unique landmark were the two factors that mattered most in the design of a replacement I-74 bridge.

Listen to the conversation with Diane Campione from the consulting design firm Alfred Benesch & Company, and Danielle Mulholland, I-74 project manager for the Iowa DOT, about the specific aesthetic and design features of the new bridge.

Credit Courtesy of the Iowa DOT

When completed, the replacement bridge will provide a sleek and contemporary new gateway to the Quad City region.

Did you know: The new bridge is a basket-handle true arch twin bridge, which will carry four lanes of traffic and have pull off lanes on both sides of each bridge, thus being over twice as wide as our current bridge.

The replacement bridge will be 83 feet taller than the current twin suspension bridges. A pedestrian and bicycle pathway will be built along the west side of the eastbound bridge containing an overlook and glass oculus, and affording spectacular sunset views. The Mississippi River is magnificent: approximately 60 percent of all North American birds use the river basin as their migratory flyway, and our river controls approximately 40 percent of the nation’s (lower 48 states’) watershed.

Produced by Lacy Scarmana