'Talking Art' With Andrea Olson

Mar 12, 2018

Group photo of TEDxDavenport featured speakers
Credit Carolyn Martin

The first TEDx conference in the Quad Cities was held recently at the Figge Art Museum on March 7, 2018. Organized by Andrea Olson, CEO and founder of prag'madik, it featured fourteen different speakers who delivered short but powerful talks on a variety of ideas ranging from empowerment through technology, to financial literacy, to deeply personal subjects such as the importance of forgiveness and overcoming personal obstacles.

Numerous local artists, performers, musicians and craftsmen shared their talents in the Figge Art museum lobby throughout the conference with participants.

The slogan for the TED media organization is “ideas worth spreading”. You can learn more about the history of TED talks, how Andrea Olson came to organize this event in the Quad Cities, and the importance of exposing yourself to new ideas within a creative, communal environment by listening here.