Swalwell Kicks Off Presidential Candidate Forums

Apr 26, 2019

Congressman and presidential candidate, Eric Swalwell
Credit Eric Swalwell - US House

A young Congressman from California will help kick-off a series of forums with presidential candidates in the Quad Cities. On Sunday, Eric Swalwell will be the first to address local residents, sponsored by the Quad City Times, Chamber of Commerce, and Saint Ambrose University.

Ed Tibbetts, editorial page editor for the Times, says it's a chance for the candidates to make their case, and then answer questions. 

"We also think that it's good for campaigns and good for the public that there's an interaction between the candidates and the public. So a big part of the forums is devoted to that."

The forum featuring Democratic presidential candidate Eric Swalwell will begin Sunday night at 6:30, in the Rogalski Center, at Saint Ambrose University in Davenport. He represents a district near San Francisco and was first elected to the US House in 2012.

A second forum featuring former Maryland Congressman John Delaney will be held next Wednesday (5/1), also at St. Ambrose.

Tibbetts says the other presidential campaigns have been contacted, but no others have made a commitment yet.