Steyer Says Democrats Can Win If.....

Dec 16, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer, at the Center for Active Seniors in Davenport.
Credit WVIK News

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer says the US economy may look strong, but it really isn't. And by pointing out its many weaknesses and inequities, Democrats can beat Donald Trump next year. 

"We're going to have to be able to expose him as a fake business person who failed at business. He played a businessman on a reality tv show. And that he's terrible for the American economy, that he'a fake steward of the American economy, that he's hurt Americans, and that we're going to have to have the credibility and expertise to do that."

During an appearance in Davenport Monday at the Center for Active Seniors, Steyer said Democrats won many key races last year by focusing their efforts on turnout.

"By telling the truth, by actually standing up for people, and by getting people to believe that when we re-create an actual democracy, where people believe in it and know how important it is to show up, we're going to win everything."

If elected, his goal is to "re-invent America back to being a values-driven country."

His two-day trip to Iowa included a meet and greet event in Muscatine Sunday, an economic speech in Iowa City Monday, and helping his Aunt Betsy in Iowa City celebrate her 100th birthday.