Spring Flooding Begins

Mar 12, 2019

The predictions for severe spring flooding are beginning to come true. Heavy rain is forecast for our area Wednesday, and since the ground is mainly still frozen, the rain and snowmelt will quickly run off.

The National Weather Service says the Maquoketa River at Maquoketa is expected to rise 15 feet (!) from today's level, and crest on Thursday afternoon more than five feet over flood stage.

The Mississippi, which usually rises and falls slowly, will probably rise more than 8 feet from its current level in the Quad Cities, between Tuesday and Sunday, and crest at 2 1/2 feet over flood stage. And higher levels are possible in the coming weeks.

The Rock River is already over flood stage at both Joslin and Moline, and the weather service forecasts it will rise about 2 feet at both locations and crest on Sunday.