SAU Masters Program Helps Children & Adults for Free

Sep 11, 2019

Graduate students at St. Ambrose University continue to help kids and adults who have speech and language problems.

Recently, the school and Davenport Valley of the Scottish Rite held a 10th anniversary fundraiser for the Rite Care Clinic.

It's located in the same building as the university's Master of Speech Language Pathology program (1310 W. Pleasant St.). 

Program Director, Elisa Huff, says the clinic serves up to 60 children and adults per semester. The graduate students are supervised by professionals as they assess, diagnose, and treat them. 

A child at the Rite Care Clinic at St. Ambrose
Credit submitted / St. Ambrose University

Currently, about 40 names are on a waiting list for services at the Rite Care Clinic at St. Ambrose.

Dr. Huff says if the program could raise more money, it could hire more staff and serve more speech language clients through the no cost clinic. 

The university also offers an Interprofessional Health Clinic once a week (1320 w. Lombard, Davenport, IA). Along with speech language services, it offers physical and occupational therapy, plus social services.