Rock Island Resilience

Jun 29, 2020

the first of 6 resilience videos focused on education.
Credit City of Rock Island

Hoping to show how the city is surviving and thriving during the pandemic, Rock Island has created a series on social media called "R I Resilience." It's a collaboration of the city, Development Association of Rock Island, and dphilms.

Mayor Mike Thoms says the series opened with a video on education, followed by the second on parks and recreation. And the goal is to show Rock Island will bounce back, even stronger, from the effects of the coronavirus. 

"It may not be today because we're still working on the phased situation, and people are a little nervous, but we really feel that the business owners and the citizens of Rock Island have resilience and they're going to show their local support."

In the coming weeks R. I. Resilience will focus on restaurants and bars, larger businesses in the city, and mental health.

The videos are available on the any of the three Facebook pages - for the city, the development association, and for dphilms.