Rock the Block in Floreciente

Feb 18, 2019

Credit City of Moline

With help from a major grant, the Quad Cities chapter of Habitat for Humanity will continue trying to help revitalize a neighborhood in Moline. The program called "Rock the Block" started four years ago, and the 40,000 dollars from the Republic Services Charitable Foundation will allow it to repair 23 homes in the Floreciente Neighborhood.

Habitat's Neighborhood Revitalization Director, Mary Chappell, says Habitat began Rock the Block in 2015 in Floreciente.

"We need to look beyond just focusing on new homes, we need to look at sustaining the entire community by fixing up and repairing homes that are existing."

Chappell says this will be the fourth Rock the Block project in the neighborhood, and it'll be along 4th Avenue between 4th and 5th streets. Since 2015, 51 properties have been fixed up, affecting nearly 200 people.