Rivermont Collegiate Expands to Clinton

Dec 20, 2019

A private school based in the Quad Cities is going to expand, and open a campus in Clinton. Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf has announced plans to take over a boarding school for Chinese students at the former Ashford University.

Rivermont Headmaster Max Roach says some American investors had been trying to open the boarding school in Clinton, with the students attending Clinton High School. But ran into problems recruiting students and opening the school. Then the investors heard about Rivermont, and its already substantial number of international students. 

So starting next fall, the Chinese students will work with teachers from both Rivermont and Clinton High School. 

the former Ashford University in Clinton.
Credit Ashford University

"The kids come in and they get the big American school experience, but also the comfort of specialized teachers in key subjects, and a Chinese national staff that can help them. Also we have a Chinese cook so home sickness is minimized too."

Founded in 1884, Rivermont is an independent school, with students from pre-school through 12th grade. This year its international students come from countries such as China, Congo, Jamaica, and Morocco.

Roach says foreign students attending public schools in the US can only get one-year visas, but those attending colleges, and independent schools like his, can receive multi-year visas.