River Bandits Start Season in Burlington

Apr 3, 2019

The weather is just about right for baseball again, and River Bandits will open their new season in the Midwest League on Thursday, April 3rd. Unfortunately, they won't play in Davenport, as the Mississippi River continues to surround Modern Woodmen Park.

Credit Quad Cities River Bandits

According to team spokesman Jason Kempf, there's a 'sweet spot' where the team could still play home games. The water would have to be high enough to keep trains from running as normal on the tracks outside, but low enough for the stadium footbridge to get over the water.

But, there's still plenty for fans to look forward to when the flooding is over.

The River Bandits will play their first games of the season this weekend against the Burlington Bees, Thursday, August 3rd through Sunday, August 7th. All the games will be at Burlington, but the River Bandits will be the 'home team' tonight and tomorrow night.