River Bandits Players Weigh In On New Extra-Innings Rule

Apr 5, 2018

Modern Woodmen Park
Credit Flickr user Nekonomist / Creative Commons

Many Quad Cities River Bandits games will feel a lot different this season, for both players and fans.

This is because of a new rule issued by Minor League Baseball: if a game remains tied at the end of nine innings, the top of the tenth will begin with a runner on second base.

It applies to all levels of the sport in Minor League Baseball, and goes into effect in the 2018 season, which is scheduled to begin Thursday night for the River Bandits when they host the Cedar Rapids Kernels.

The rule is bound to change the fan—and player—experience for any game that goes into extra innings. Whether that change is for the better or for the worse depends on who you ask.

So, WVIK went to the River Bandits clubhouse to ask the players themselves: