Risk of Major Mississippi River Flooding Remains High

Mar 25, 2019

The risk of flooding in the Quad Cities hasn't changed over the last few weeks.

The National Weather Service office in Davenport says the Spring Flood Outlook for the Mississippi River continues to show a "well above normal chance" of major flooding. But there's a lower risk on tributaries. 

Hydrologist, Jessica Brooks, from the Quad Cities National Weather Service
Credit Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Hydrologist, Jessica Brooks, says most of the snow pack in Iowa and Illinois has melted already.

But in Minnesota and Wisconsin, a lot of very wet snow has not melted yet.

She predicts a third crest on the Mississippi at Lock and Dam 15 will be higher than the first two.

The hydrologist says a fast thaw and two-to-four inches of rain caused the catastrophic flooding in parts of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Next month, Brooks says major flooding on the Mississippi will occur from snow melt alone. And heavy rain could push it to record levels.

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