RI Flood Prep

Oct 9, 2018

installing the temporary flood panels in Schweibert Riverfront Park in Rock Island.
Credit City of Rock Island

Even though it has a floodwall, the City of Rock Island continues to prepare for flooding by the Mississippi River, including installing pumps and closing gatewells.

As the river rises to a weekend crest about 3 1/2 feet over flood stage, the city has put  several water pump discharge hoses across the bike path. Portions of the bike path are also closed due to the high water and will remain closed until the river level falls below one foot over flood stage. 

18th Avenue at Potter’s Lake is closed. And Sunset Park will be closed to drive-through traffic by late on Tuesday.

Temporary flood panels will be installed at Schwiebert Riverfront Park Tuesday and Wednesday. The boat docks at Schwiebert Park will be closed during the flood.