Retirement Forums for Quad Cities Seniors

Aug 27, 2018

Quad Cities seniors can quiz candidates for legislature this week about retirement. The local chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans will host two fourms, for Iowa and Illinois candidates to share their plans for what the alliance calls "True Retirement Security." 

Mike Malmstrom, president of the chapter, says this means questions about medical assistance for retired Americans, and the candidates' stance on Social Security.

"Of course, there are seniors that are out of retirement age, and have worked as long as they can work. But didn't have a good retirement and have to depend on Social Security alone, and Medicare. And even that won't cover, so sometimes they have to get involved with Medicaid, which will help pick up some of the pieces."

The first forum, for Iowa seniors and their legislative candidates, will be held at the Eastern Avenue branch of the Davenport Public Library Tuesday at 1 pm. And for Illinois candidates and seniors, the forum will be held on Thursday at 1 pm at Moline Township Hall.