Remembering Glen Erickson

Jul 9, 2019

Glen Erickson, 1941-2019
Credit Scott County

A man who helped "plan" the Quad Cities for more than 30 years has died. Glen Erickson died last week in Arizona - he was 77.

A graduate of Augustana College, Erickson started working for the Bi-State Regional Commission in 1966, working his way up to executive director, then was hired as only the second Scott County Administrator in 1981, a job he then held for 20 years.

One of the many people he hired is Tim Huey, Scott County Planning Director. 

"Writing an email to a friend on his passing, what I said was, I can honestly say, except for my own father, no one shaped my career as a planner more than Glen Erickson."

And he calls Erickson talented, creative, imaginative, organized and disciplined.

Huey and Ray Wierson, who succeeded Erickson as county administrator, credit him with creating a sense of pride and professionalism amoung county employees. 

"In having every two years an outside consultant come in and work with the elected department heads and board of supervisors to develop  goals and strategies for the next two years. And tie those goals and strategies to the performance reviews of county employees."

Wierson says Erickson helped create a sense of respect and rapport between county employees and elected department heads and county supervisors.

Erickson retired in 2001.