Red Cross Responds to Four Quad City Fires

Sep 15, 2020

A Red Cross volunteer surveys the damage of a natural disaster.
Credit The American Red Cross

The Red Cross responded to four home fires in Davenport and Bettendorf this week. Pam Gettert is a Disaster Action Team Captain for the region. She helped 21 displaced people in the Quad Cities find shelter and food. 

"There's nothing like that hug from a fire victim or somebody who's just lost a house in a tornado that touches your heart because you know that you are there to help them, and they know that you are there to listen to their story."

The Red Cross is asking for more volunteers to help with the ongoing fires on the West Coast and Hurricane Sally due to hit the Southeast. Gettert says anyone can volunteer. 

"The jobs with the Red Cross on a volunteer basis are vast. There are many things, so no matter what your skillset is, they can always find a place for you."

Anyone looking to volunteer with the Red Cross can sign up at