Quad City International Airport Adds Valet, Coat Check

Feb 19, 2020

Travelers at the Quad City International Airport may take advantage of a new service this spring.

Tuesday, February 18th, the airport board approved curbside valet and coat check services. Spokeswoman Ashleigh Johnston says passengers will access the new services in a variety of ways.

Credit Quad City International Airport

"It should be fairly simple," said Johnston. "They'll be able to either download an app, or use an online form, or simply make a phone call. They'll give the company their flight information and the company will be prepared to take your keys at the curb, track the information for your return flight home, and be prepared to have your car pulled up to the curb and ready to go by the time you arrive."

The Quad City Airport expects the valet and coat check to be up and running sometime in April or May. 

It's one of a list of expected improvements to the airport. They include premium covered parking, solar energy, and children's play areas.