QC Public Schools Use New Safety App

Sep 18, 2018

A new smartphone app is helping students and parents in the Quad Cities report crime and other problems. CrimeStoppers, police departments, and public schools are promoting the mobile app called, "P-3 Campus."

John Bell, Pres. of QC CrimeStoppers Board (L) and Moline Detective & CrimeStoppers Coordinator, Jon Leach (R)
Credit Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Moline Detective Jon Leach is the CrimeStoppers Coordinator. Last year, a Texas company (Anderson Software), introduced them to the school safety app. And he says P3 Campus has already been very successful because it's interactive and easier to use compared to calling the CrimeStoppers phone number.

John Bell is the President of the Quad Cities CrimeStoppers board. He says the Doris and Victor Day Foundation, and Sexton Ford, are helping to fund P3 Campus in all the local public schools. But, the community organization needs donations to continue paying for the app and other programs.

Detective Leach says students who attend private schools and colleges in the Quad Cities may also submit anonymous tips to CrimeStoppers. But they'll use a different app called, "P-3 Tips." People may also submit tips online using a computer.