Probably No Change in BHC Tax Levy

Nov 29, 2018

Property taxes should stay the same for most residents of the Black Hawk College District. Thursday night  trustees are expected to give their final approval to next year's tax levy.

Chief Financial Officer Steve Frommelt is recommending the new levy stay the same as this year - at $5.67  per $1,000 assessed value. That means  the owner of a $100,000 home will again pay $189 in property taxes.

"With the state passing a budget this past year and with the expectation going into the new fiscal year of a continuation of state funding for higher education, we were able to keep the tax levy at a flat level."

He says taxes for property owners should stay the same next year unless their homes or businesses have been re-assessed.

The Black Hawk College District covers all or part of 9 counties in northwestern Illinois, with campuses in Moline and Kewanee.