PPEL Renewal On Ballot for Dav. Schools

Dec 5, 2018

A key funding source for the Davenport School District will be on the ballot next week. On Tuesday (12/11), residents will be asked to renew the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy.

The current levy of 97-cents per $1,000 assessed value will expire next June. And the district is asking for an increase to $1.34.

Chief Financial Officer, Claudia Wood, says without this revenue, the district would only have enough money for emergency building projects.

"Such as if a boiler goes out, if a roof is leaking, that type of thing, to keep our students and staff safe and secure. But we would not be able to do all of those extra projects that we've been doing to provide for our students."

Wood says the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy pays for construction and renovation, roofing, energy conservation, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning work - projects that can't be paid for by the general fund, according to state law.

The proposed new rate of $1.34 is the maximum allowed by the state, and it's  already at that maximum level in the Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley, and Muscatine school districts.